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Leukoband Elastic Adhesive Bandage, 5cm x 2.75m, Flesh, 12 Rolls/Box

Code: BDA-1077
Leukoband Elastic Adhesive Bandages provide compression and support of muscles and joints during vigorous physical activity. It is best used for sports taping where a combination of flexibility and strength are needed, such as in the grooves of joints

  • Strong, rigid, lightweight & flexible construction - suitable for preventing injury through stabilisation and compression
  • Can be used to overwrap rigid strapping tapes or secure wound dressings in an emergency
  • Strength and porosity allows it to remain in place during extended physical activity
  • Constructed from 100% cotton backing material with an aggressive rubber zinc oxide adhesive mass – making it ideal for professional sports use
  • Stretched length is 5m
  • Flesh coloured
Available in:
  • 5cm x 2.75m, 12 Rolls/Box
  • 7.5cm x 2.75m, 12 Rolls/Box
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Size50mm x 2.75m/2"" x 3yds


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