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Oppo 2923 C-knee Stabiliser, S

Code: OPP-2923S
  • Bilareal spiral stays provide additional knee stability and better support, helping prevents ligament sprain.
  • Detachable panel fits left/right knee and may be removed per recovery status.
  • Adjustable C- shaped pad provides concentric pressure to secure the patella in the proper position,
  • Reinforced straps, which can be adjusted per indivuals' needs, offer additional compression and support for better stabilsation.
  • Wrinkle weave positioned on the popliteal fossa allows greater flexibility when bending the knee.
  • 3D weave
  • Comfortable bind
  • Multi-compression
  • Lightweight
  • Patellar lateral tilt
  • Patellar lateral subluxation

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