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Rolyan CuraDrape, 3.2mm, 19% OptiPerf, 15 x 23cm (1/8 x 6 x 9"), White

Code: PAT-081707694

* For novice and experienced therapists. * Our most versatile thermoplastic yet. * Designed for the cost-conscious therapist, it adapts effectively to a wide range of applications. Features: * Perfect balance between drapability and resistance to stretch * Excellent for hand, wrist, thumb and elbow splints * Suitable for both the novice and experienced splinter - avoids finger printing * Edges trim easily: spot-heat with a heat gun or dip cooled edges into hot water for 5 to 10 seconds and then rub smooth Clinical Indications: * Finger, wrist, hand and dynamic splints * Elbow and lower limb splints


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