Kinetec Breva Ankle CPM Machine - 4621006505
Kinetec Breva Ankle CPM Machine

Kinetec Breva Ankle CPM Machine | Performance Health

Code: PAT-46210065054621006505
Aug 2022
The Kinetec Breva Ankle CPM Machine provides anatomically correct motion to the ankle and rear foot. It can be used in bed or while sitting in a chair.

  • Anatomical and precise motion: The Kinetec Breva enables ankle and rear foot motion in 2 dimensions from the most common plantar/dorsi flexion (-40 to 30 degrees) to the most advanced eversion/inversion movement (-25 to 25 degrees).
  • Patient feedback and unique features: The digital remote control provides a precise yet clear feedback to the patient as well as it helps the therapy with unique functions such as warm up or by-pass.
  • Safety First: The remote control feature a keyboard locking system preventing misuse and enhancing patient safety.

2 year warranty