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ActiveCare delivers directly to your patient's home

What is ActiveCare?

ActiveCare is a way for you to prescribe the right products for your patient and we deliver their order straight to their home. We've curated an extensive selection of our main selling products so you don't have to hold lots of stock that ties up money and space. And while there are some products you need on hand, you would never have the full range of products that you’ll be able to offer with ActiveCare.

ActiveCare is as easy as creating a list and emailing it to your patient, ensuring: 
  • Patient gets the right product, prescribed by you 
  • Better compliance of home exercise programme 
  • A better health outcome
Your patient receives an email with your list and links to our customer friendly Physiomart website. Physiomart is priced at retail with all prices inclusive of GST where applicable. They can edit or add to the order, then pay securely online. Then we’ll despatch their order, same or next day anywhere in Australia.

How does ActiveCare work?

There are 3 ways you can prescribe and refer products to your patients using the 'Share' icon. You can create or share a list from a product page, Shopping Cart or from the Shopping List page. Here it is in more detail. 

  1. Log into your performhealth.com.au account.
  2. Search for the products you want to prescribe and add them to your Shopping Cart.
  3. Click on the ‘Share’ icon located at the bottom of your cart to either create a new list, add to an existing list, or share by adding your patient’s email.
  4. To share a single product, go to the product page and click on the 'Share’ icon located on the product image. You can now email your patient or save as a list.
  5. To view your saved lists, go to the ‘My Account’ tab & click on ‘Lists’. Select a list and click on the ‘Share’ icon. You can share via email or copy the link to send in your own email.
  6. Your patient receives an email from Physiomart with a link to your list.
  7. Prescribed products are automatically added to their shopping cart. They can add or edit what's in their cart.
  8. They pay via secure credit card payment at the retail price including GST.
  9. Products will be shipped same day to the address provided, though we cannot send to PO boxes.

Sign up to the ActiveCare Referral program and be rewarded!

Every time a patient you refer purchases on the Physiomart website, you will be rewarded with the difference between your usual wholesale price and the retail selling price (excluding GST). This will be credited to your Performance Health trade account at the end of the following month. Patients will be informed of the arrangement as per below to ensure full ethical compliance. Even if the patient comes directly to Physiomart in the future they will still be linked to the referring account.

Your therapist has prescribed the products recommended especially for your individual treatment plan. The products are sent directly from Performance Health, one of the world’s leading rehabilitation and sports recovery suppliers to you, saving double handling, additional packaging, time and cost. You get the right products prescribed by your health professional. In return, they receive the same sales revenue if they had to order the stock and sold it in the practice. We think this is just a better way as no practice can hold the stock to cover every individual need. It's what we call ActiveCare. 

How does the ActiveCare Rebate Work?

  1. Goods are sent direct to the patient from Performance Health.
  2. The link you send your patient has a code that links back to your trade account. You will receive a rebate calculated as the difference between the retail price paid and the normal wholesale price you would pay (excluding GST) if you purchased on your trade account.
  3. The rebate will be placed as a credit on your trade account at the end of the following month.
To register for the ActiveCare Referral program simply click the below button, to read and accept the terms and conditions of the service agreement. You can start referring patients straight away! If you don't wish to receive a rebate, you can still use ActiveCare to prescribe products simply by creating and emailing a list to your patient.

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