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The Ultimate Physiotherapy table | Performance Health

27 August, 2015

We think this is the best physio table on the market

Patterson Medical is proud to introduce to you the Metron Elite 7-Section treatment table. This innovative and extremely versatile table was developed with close consultation with experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapists. Like all tables in the Metron range, the 7-Section table comes with easily adjustable low maintenance gas struts, face hole and plug, 5 year warranty for the frame and 3 year warranty for the quality electric components which are made in Germany.

Unlike any other table on the market and exclusive to Patterson Medical, the Metron 7-Section table provides an impressive array of features to allow you to position your patients easily and comfortably. Furthermore, the 7-Section table enables you to  minimise the load and  stress on your body whilst treating.

The Key Features include:

  1. Motorised Mid-Section - The motorised mid-section allows Video you to easily provide flexion with the remote  for your patient  thus eliminating the need for pillows and any painful movements. For respiratory therapists, this makes postural drainage a breeze.

  2. Adjustable Height Arm Rests - The adjustable height arm rests are easily adjustable to ensure your patient has a comfortable place to rest their arms.

  3. Lift and Tilt Head Section -  The head section can be easily lifted to support the head or dropped down to allow easy access to the head and neck without needing the patient to move up the table

  4. Massage Chair Head Rest Design - Patients with neck pain and  poor Video  mobility no longer need to negotiate getting up on a treatment table with the Metron 7-Section table. It easily converts into a massage chair by adjusting the lift and tilt head section and the adjustable height arm rests.

  5. Drop Away Shoulder Sections - The shoulder sections drop away with one movement to allow you to position yourself closer to the patient without having to ask the patients to move. Furthermore, patients can easily perform shoulder exercises in prone.

  6. Standard Surround Bars - with the flick of your foot you can raise or lower the table using the surround bars no matter where you are positioned around the table. This is a standard feature in the Metron 7-Section table. 
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