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Performance Health ANZ, formerly Patterson Medical, is pleased to announce it has partnered with the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) as the preferred distribution partner via a corporate deal for the next two years. 

“We’re delighted with the partnership as it’s a natural fit for a company who manufactures and distributes the world’s leading specialty sports, recovery and rehabilitation products to form a close association with the industry peak body” said Managing Director Richard New. 

“On behalf of the APA and our 23,000 members, I’m delighted to partner with Performance Health ANZ and jointly work together to help Australians live as healthily and actively as possible.” said Cris Massis, CEO, Australian Physiotherapy Association.

The new partnership follows the rebrand of Patterson Medical to Performance Health ANZ, maker of TheraBand, in February. Performance Health ANZ is a leading company in the Physiotherapy, Hand Therapy, sports medicine and rehabilitation market. 

While Performance Health ANZ is not a known name in the Australian market its product brands are well entrenched and recognised as global leaders. The company’s line-up includes TheraBand, Biofreeze, Metron, Vulkan, Rolyan, Jamar and Neen as well as having exclusive distribution agreements with Game Ready, Saebo and Kinetec.

Download the TheraBand Catalogue below: 

Check out the new Performance Health – Performhealth.com.au or call 1300 473 422. 

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