(D)M2-Gel All-Gel Toe/Finger Tube, M, Pkt 6 - GEL1028M
(D)M2-Gel All-Gel Toe/Finger Tube, M, Pkt 6

M2-Gel All-Gel Toe/Finger Tube, M, Pkt 6 | Performance Health

Code: GEL-1028MGEL1028M
Sep 2022

M-Gel All-Gel Toe/Finger TubeGelSmart™ All-Gel Toe/Finger Tubes absorb pressure and friction to help prevent and ease pain from corns, calluses and blisters. Stretch to accommodate any size toe or finger. Gel slowly releases medical grade mineral oil (USP) which softens and moisturises skin. Absorb pressure and friction. Ease Pain from Corns, Calluses and Blisters. Ease toe and finger irritations and promote healing.

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ARTG Number200158


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