TheraBand Stretch Strap

TheraBand Stretch Strap | Performance Health

Code: PER-11659
Dec 2022
Patent-Pending “Comfort Stretch” design increases Patient Range of Motion
  • The Stretch Strap's elastic design enables a highly effective contract-relax stretch, while the product's slight give supports a more comfortable static stretch. This functional dual purpose negates the need for static-only stretching straps. The Stretch Strap's numbered, multi-loop design helps users comfortably stretch their major muscle groups as well as their extremities and specific connective tissues such as the plantar fascia.
  • Provides a more comfortable and beneficial 'dynamic stretch' of major muscle groups like Gastroc, Rectus Femoris, Soleus and Hamstring.
  • The strap is marked with numbered sections to visually track progress and set goals and limitations.
  • The TheraBand stretch strap delivers a 'dynamic' stretch that supports a variety of hand and foot holds to deliver optimal positioning.
  • Improving range of motion and flexibility is often one of the first goals in rehabilitation treatment.
  • Includes basic exercise instructions written by a licensed Physical Therapist
  • Bulk Pack
  • Includes Multi-lingual instructional insert and CE Mark.
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ARTG Number286778


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