Saebo 10 Orthosis Evaluation and Treatment Kit, includes Gross Motor Equipment products - SBO-K1IP35SDN1
Saebo 10 Orthosis Evaluation and Treatment Kit, includes Gross Motor Equipment products

Saebo 10 Orthosis Evaluation and Treatment Kit, includes Gross Motor Equipment products | Performance Health

Code: SBO-K1IP35SDN1
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Jul 2022
Saebo now offers a complete treatment program designed to allow patients to begin incorporating their hand functionally in the critical days and weeks immediately following their injury. Recent research indicates that clinically meaningful and long-lasting effects on motor function can be achieved when patients suffering from neurological injuries, such as stroke, receive repetitive arm training during the acute phase.

Saebo’s Functional Dynamic Neurological Orthoses, including the ground-breaking SaeboFlex®, allow patients with very little residual hand function to immediately begin performing mass grasp and release activities, thereby forging new pathways in the brain.

Program Benefits:
  • Maximise the patient’s functional recovery due to early initiation of treatment
  • Enable patients to immediately incorporate their hand functionally for grasp and release activities
  • Utilise a full range of task-specific, therapeutic exercise equipment which allows clinicians to customise treatment programs to address each patient’s specific deficits
  • Customises a fabricated orthosis for each patient to use in therapy and at home
  • Reinforces patients’ gains made in the clinic by easily incorporating the Saebo program at home
  • Enable treatment of multiple patients simultaneously with a variety of sizes and parts
  • Allow clinicians to maximise their treatment programs by using a full range of Saebo gross motor equipment
  • Offer an affordable, highly effective treatment option to patients as they transition from inpatient rehab to outpatient rehab

11 x Universal Forearm Shells (all sizes)
12 x Left Hand Pieces (all sizes)
12 x Right Hand Pieces (all sizes)
10 x Sets of Aluminium
10 x Sets of Finger Springs
10 x Sets of Thumb Springs
174 x Digit Caps
36 x Replacement Forearm Straps
14 x Replacement Hand Straps
180 x Replacement Liners
Extra Misc. Parts

5 x Above Elbow Cuffs (all sizes)
2 x Outrigger Systems
3 x Elbow Stops
2 x Sets of Tension Cords
25 x Replacement Liners

3 x Left SaeboStretch® (S-L)
3 x Right SaeboStretch® (S-L)
  • 1 Four Tier
  • 1 Five Ball Peg Activity
  • 1 Height Adjustable Target
  • 1 Multi-purpose Exercise Device
  • 1 SaeboGlide® Plus
  • 48 Exercise Balls
  • 12 Paediatric Balls
  • 4 Crates